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I'm Daniele Reda.

I'm a 24 year old Italian expatriate first in Sophia Antipolis, France and now in Berkeley, California.

I'm a computer science student driven by curiosity and passion.

My research interests in AI include deep reinforcement learning and deep learning for self-improving models with minimum to no supervision.

I've recently got interested into explicability, reliability and openess in AI.

Currently, I'm a visiting research scholar in BAIR at UC Berkeley.

Previously, I was a data science engineering student at Telecom ParisTech in the Eurecom Campus and before that, I was a computer engineering student at Polytechnic University of Turin.

Other than studying, I enjoy developing some projects, going on adventures and sharing pictures, sharing interesting readings when I tweet and possibly start blogging.

For more serious information check my resumé.

Get in touch with me on Telegram at @rdednl or by email at daniele [dot] reda [at] berkeley [dot] edu.